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Inserco Industrie Service GmbH

Umweltschutz & Recycling

Inserco – Environmental & Recycling

We are a group of consulting engineers with over 45 years of hands-on experience in the wood processing industry, specialized and organized in Latin America. We also provide expertise and solutions for other market segments like furniture, automotive, plastics, glass, mining, food, pulp&paper, energy and others. Our main goal is to provide direct support in any part of the operating process, anywhere from sales and delivery of spare and wear parts and consumables all the way to the extensive strategic engineering projects, including the management and installation of brand new production plants. Thus, we are your partner, enabling you to avoid shutdowns of your production plant, thanks to our logistics department. With our knowledgeable and experienced engineers, we deliver real solutions with the highest standards of quality for your business, to be always at the forefront of technology. Environmental, Energy, Recycling, Process optimization and Added value solutions are our daily business. Our staff is happy to assist you both from our headquarter in Germany and from our offices in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

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