The Schrader Group

Cross-industry competence

SCHRADER is your partner for the development of high-performance plants.

Food & Pharma

Wood-based panels

Industry solutions for individual production plants

Individual production plants designed by specialists with in-depth industry knowledge – SCHRADER brings together expertise from 50 years of experience in the food, pharma, wood and pulp and automotive industries

Cross-industry expertise

We pool our knowledge for three core markets, allowing us to consistently meet the specific requirements of these quality and production-oriented manufacturing branches. Thanks to profitable synergy effects, we are able to apply our cross-industry experience for your benefit.

Global partners and customers

Whether you’re a producer of flavours and active ingredients, a manufacturer of MDF boards or a automotive manufacturer, whether you’re based in Asia, America, Russia or Europe – SCHRADER is always at your side with vision and Operating Force. We cooperate with a global network of partners – to the complete satisfaction of our international customers.