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Code of Conduct – Foreword

A globally active network of experienced engineers allows us to combine cutting-edge technologies in our core competencies with specific expertise in our target regions. These international connections enable us to provide our services all over the world and at the highest levels of quality. We use our wealth of expertise to meet customer requirements. We aim to ensure optimum functionality along with the highest levels of quality, cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility.

To this end, our common guiding principles are reflected in our corporate policy and in our agreed objectives.

These corporate guidelines define the framework conditions and serve as a code of practice. The guidelines do not, however, replace any operating procedures, process descriptions, procedural instructions or any inter-company rules or standards.

In addition to acting as role models, management is tasked with implementing the corporate guidelines throughout the company and beyond as well as with monitoring compliance.

The provisions of these corporate guidelines form a uniform minimum standard and are binding.

If, despite careful examination, the guidelines should run contrary to a law, the law shall take precedence.

Core values and corporate principles

Honesty, integrity, and respect for human dignity are core values at Schrader. By committing to these values in our working lives, each of us contributes to protecting and enhancing the reputation of our company. Our shared core values underpin everything we do and are the foundation of our Code of Conduct and business principles. As we are judged by how we act, and because our conduct is not governed and guided only by law, we at Schrader act in accordance with our business principles and Code of Conduct. In our dealings with our business partners, we also endeavour to ensure that they adhere to these principles too.

Code of Conduct

Health, safety and environmental protection

In its capacity as an employer, Schrader guarantees occupational safety and health protection in the workplace within the framework of national regulations and supports continuous development to improve the working environment.

We implement the necessary measures to prevent accidents and damage to health, and at the same time, it is expected that employees will act on their own responsibility and comply with regulations.

Compliance with laws, standards and regulations is the responsibility of each employee. We attach great importance to compliance and are vigilant about our own safety as well as that of our colleagues.

Human rights

All Schrader employees are committed to the freedom and equality of all individuals without distinction as to race, skin colour, gender, language, religion, political or other affiliation, national or social origin, birth or other status. We demonstrate our commitment by supporting the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Social responsibility

Diversity is an essential part of our daily business and corporate culture. We ensure that the dignity, privacy and personal rights of every individual are respected at all times. Under no circumstances will we tolerate discrimination, bullying or abusive behaviour.

The respective legal regulations and company rules on working hours as well as industry standards must be observed.

Remuneration for work performance is in accordance with the applicable legal and company regulations. Statutory social benefits are guaranteed. Secondary employment must be reported to management and is subject to approval.

Our employees’ right to freedom of association and collective bargaining is respected.

All forms of child and forced labour are rejected.

Competition, ethics and business conduct

The Schrader company is committed to fair competition in open markets in compliance with national and international regulations.

Secrecy and data protection refer to the preservation of business secrets and the careful handling of customer data. Data protection laws and safety guidelines must be observed.

We handle the assets and property of the Schrader company with care. Theft is not tolerated and will be reported.

Criminal acts against free competition should be avoided, as should the granting of advantages, bribery and corruption. Fraud, embezzlement and other acts of corruption, whether by company employees or third parties, should be prevented.

The awarding of contracts should be based on an unbiased examination of the offers. Suppliers should be treated equally. The sustainability of the supply chain should be examined and integrated into the evaluation.

Conflicts of interest resulting from inappropriate offers should be reported.

Relationships with suppliers are characterised by trust, but also exemplify company principles. The code is implemented by means of exemplary behaviour. Suppliers are invited and encouraged to also follow these principles.

Closing words

The Code of Conduct enhances Schrader’s reputation and promotes lasting customer relationships and long-term economic development.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct, both within the company and outside of it as well as in all business processes, is a fundamental requirement of management. Failure to do this will result in damage to the company and disciplinary consequences.

Rules and principles can be formulated, but it is also important that we internalise, live by and promote these.

The focus of our business strategy, therefore, lies not only in ensuring the reliability of our products but also in ensuring we act responsibly.