Material supply systems for paint
and highly viscous liquids

SCHRADER offers systems which are specially designed for the automotive industry and its suppliers, covering an extensive range of customer requirements in the field of surface engineering.

With experts who understand the needs and special conditions of the automotive industry and with long-established products and services, SCHRADER is a market leader in the supply of materials for fluid conveying and application systems in Germany. Premium car manufacturers in Germany rely on the high-quality systems provided by SCHRADER

“The ever-changing demands of the automotive industry as regards lightweight construction, energy savings, etc. mean we are constantly adapting our plant technology for new conditions and materials.“

SCHRADER supports surface engineering for car manufacturers:

Paint supply systems

High viscosity supply systems for sealing, gluing, steaming

Energy efficient

Intelligent, powerful technologies ensure high efficiency and continuous energy savings


Comprehensive certification for almost all requirements worldwide


Tailor-made plant solutions result in increased efficiency and productivity


Engineering & production in Germany ensure the highest product quality


Concept, engineering, implementation, commissioning and customer service from a single source

Environmentally conscious & sustainable

Conscious and responsible use of resources and the environment


Our global network of experienced engineers is available to you by phone or e-mail. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.