Paint supply systems

for various applications in the field of painting technology

Modern paint supply systems are used for various applications in the field of painting technology.

SCHRADER offers complete solutions adapted to customer requirements – from the delivery container to the application of the media – which also meet the requirements of material suppliers. The consistent use of the latest technologies also guarantees energy-efficient and low-maintenance solutions.

SCHRADER paint supply systems
are typically used for:

Process overview: paint supply system

SCHRADER paint supply systems are the first choice for small and medium-sized containers, especially when a wide variety of colours are required. They are characterised by short colour change times, optimum purge capability and excellent colour recovery.

SCHRADER was the first plant manufacturer in Europe to equip paint delivery systems with GRACO electric pumps. These stand out thanks to their efficient electric drive and low-pressure fluctuations. The use of proven piston pump technology in the fluid-conducting part keeps the training effort for maintenance low and reliability high. The low levels of noise emitted by the pumps also improve working conditions in the paint mix room.



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