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Declaration on the environmental protection policy

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Environmental Guideline

We want to actively protect the environment through the establishment and expansion of our environmental management system. We understand environmental protection, in particular, as the protection of health and the preservation of the ecological basis of existence for both our and future generations.

We have, therefore, summarised the principles of our environmental policy in this Environmental Guideline, consisting of six principles. They form the basis for our environmental management system. The Environmental Guideline is binding for all employees of the Schrader Group and is reviewed regularly to ensure it is both up-to-date and effective.

Corporate responsibility

Compliance with legal regulations, whether these relate to environmental protection or occupational safety, is a matter of course for us. This includes, among other things, the operation of our plants in accordance with the requirements subject to approval by the authorities. To ensure this, we monitor processes as well as the implementation of the latest legal regulations within our company.

Education and sensitisation of employees

Caring for the environment is the responsibility of all employees within our company. We ask that all employees practice active and responsible environmental protection at their work stations. In order to promote this, we consistently sensitise and inform our employees so that they can act in accordance with the environmental policy and actively support environmental protection measures.

Reduction of environmental pollution

We implement measures to reduce the environmental impact of our products and processes – within the scope of economic possibility and beyond the legal requirements. It goes without saying that we also take into account the requirements and interests of our customers and suppliers as well as those of our companies.

Conservation of resources

The efficient use of energy and materials is not simply an issue of profitability for us but also forms part of our environmental management. We consider the efficient use of auxiliary media, such as water or electricity, and of processed raw materials to be essential for avoiding environmental pollution.

Identifying and realising potential for improvement

The Schrader Group’s Environmental Guideline is defined by the management and reviewed regularly with regard to the implementation of our stated environmental goals. This review provides us with information about the fulfilment of our goals and the successful implementation of our environmental programmes. In this way, we can identify any necessary corrective measures and recognise where there is room for future improvement.

Open communication

We seek open dialogue with our customers and the public on all environmentally relevant issues. We also work closely with authorities and other institutions. We provide information about our company’s current events and planned projects, reacting in good time to any of our stakeholders’ worries or concerns.