SCHRADER Supervision
Industry 4.0

Cloud-based monitoring system for SCHRADER evaporation and steam generation plants

SCHRADER Supervision

 The SCHRADER Supervision is a cloud-based system for the monitoring, storage and visualization of process and plant data for SCHRADER Evaporation and Steam Generation plants. By using the latest data technology, users can view system or error statuses at any time during operation or analyze them at a later date. By monitoring important parameters, process anomalies can be detected at an early stage and faults can be avoided with minimum effort. SCHRADER Supervision thus contributes to keeping system availability and operating efficiency high and to reducing maintenance activities.

SCHRADER Supervision

The SCHRADER Supervision is characterized by the following system features:

The main advantages of the SCHRADER Supervision are:

Additional consultations by a SCHRADER employee can be accessed via the service arrangement

SCHRADER Supervision
System requirements

The operation (cloud service) of the SCHRADER Supervision is based
on a subscription model with a minimum term of two years

Process overview


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